Genomics Workshop – Melbourne

I’m helping to organise a genomics workshop in Melbourne, designed to accommodate student and postdoc researchers with a background in either biology or computational/technical sciences. It will run twice, on June 30 & July 19. It’s filling up fast so if you’re local and interested, register quick.


VLSCI Workshop. Life Sciences meet Technical Sciences: Strings attached to ‘omics.

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  • Date: A one-day workshop held on both Thursday 30 June and Tuesday 19 July 2011
  • Location: Parkville
  • Maximum 16 participants per workshop; attendance is free.
  • Participants will be researchers at graduate and post-graduate level.

This workshop is designed for biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers:

  • to learn about ‘omics research
  • to establish some lines of communication across the disciplines
  • to look for synergies through active learning and application exercises.

Cutting edge scientific research demands interdisciplinary collaboration. This is especially obvious in the Life Sciences, where computational techniques are revolutionising the way many problems are tackled. However, establishing links between the Life Sciences and the Technical Sciences remains difficult because of communication barriers. This workshop aims to break down those barriers.  Participants will exchange ideas, enjoy some ‘cultural exchanges’ and look for potential for joint research projects. With a focus on ‘omics research, ie. sequencing technology and analysis, we plan to create a group of like-minded researchers who are interested in interdisciplinary exchange and possible research synergies.

The morning program covers sequencing technology and analysis and learning about some of the challenges in faced by Life Scientists involved in ‘omics research. The afternoon will shift focus on to learning about how Computer Scientists approach programming. Participants will work in teams of two and in small groups to foster discussion and communication.

Prerequisite: Participants need to have a laptop with a wireless connection. A console needs to be installed (Windows: Putty; Mac: Terminal).

Max. participants: 16 (8 from Life Sciences and 8 from Computer Science). If a workshop is oversubscribed, participants are chosen at random and alternate dates for a follow on workshop will be offered to meet the demand.