I’m a research fellow in bacterial genomics, based in the department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the University of Melbourne‘s Bio21 Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

I work on a variety of bacterial pathogens, with a focus on drug resistance, pathogenesis and genomic epidemiology. I’m also doing some work on bacterial community profiling using 16S deep sequencing. There are some more details on my lab website. There is also some biographical information, and a short video, over on the L’Oréal Women In Science website.

I publish open access whenever possible, a list of my papers is available on Google Scholar.

With this blog, I’m essentially trying to collate all those bits and pieces – papers, lectures, tutorials, software, databases and tips – related to using next generation sequencing to study bacterial evolution and transmission.

I’m always happy to hear from students interested in doing microbial genomics research projects with me through the University of Melbourne, including Honours, Masters and PhD levels. You contact me through the university and read more about the University research programmes and scholarships here.

Kat Holt

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