EHEC genomes – plasmid

A brief look at the genes present in the outbreak strains and not in the reference strain Ec55989 reveals a large number of contigs with similarity to the plasmid pEC_Bactec (by NCBI blast)… a quick MUMmer alignment and ACT visualisation confirms that an IncI plasmid similar to pEC_bactec (GU371927.1, ref here) is present, including the beta-lactamase gene CTX-M-15 adjacent to ISEcp1 (MIRA assembly of TY2482, contig husec41_c30). In this image, the TW2482 assembly is on top, pEC_Bactec is on bottom.

MIRA assembly of TW2482 vs pEC_Bactec

Update: Note this is also similar to pEK204, which was isolated from UPEC and we have recently found very similar plasmids (also carrying blaCTX-M-15) circulating in Shigella in Vietnam and Klebsiella pneumoniae in Australia. So this would seem to be spreading around the Enterobacteriaceae.


6 thoughts on “EHEC genomes – plasmid

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